Genesis unveils a small car designed for the Big Apple

Genesis Mint Concept. — Genesis handout pic via AFP-Relaxnews
Genesis Mint Concept. — Genesis handout pic via AFP-Relaxnews

NEW YORK, April 17 — Genesis used the occasion of New York’s International Auto Show to introduce the Mint Concept, a luxurious and compact EV that “belongs in the city.”

Yesterday in New York, Hyundai’s luxury vehicle division Genesis revealed a tiny, premium electric concept that “reimagines the iconic shape of the city car.”

The minimalistic two-door model has been designed for two environmentally-conscious passengers with an eye for style. The contours that span the Mint’s matte green body from the hood to the back fender give the concept a sporty aesthetic despite it being designed for densely populated cities.

The traditional rear hatch has been replaced with “scissor-style” side openings bringing further practicality to the model. Though it’s incredibly compact, the trunk storage space is relatively ample, as the concept “takes advantage of every cubic inch of its interior.”

In terms of styling, the interior is just as chic and simplistic as the outside. In fact, it was designed based on a traditional Korean concept of embracing empty space. It’s lined in lightweight fabrics including cognac leather. The central console can be folded up into the seat to create a settee.

The Mint is propelled by a battery electric powertrain that gives the model a range of about 200 miles.

Though the Mint Concept will probably never enter production it will certainly serve as an inspiration for the future of compact and city-oriented BEVs. — AFP-Relaxnews

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