Land Rover reveals new edition of Range Rover Evoque SUV (VIDEO)

Land Rover unveils the more sustainable 2020 Range Rover. — Picture courtesy of Land Rover
Land Rover unveils the more sustainable 2020 Range Rover. — Picture courtesy of Land Rover

LONDON, Nov 24 — Land Rover revealed its 2020 Range Rover Evoque Thursday, “the luxury SUV for the city and beyond,” in a world premiere in London's East End.

Though not shockingly different than its predecessor, the 2020 Evoque does sport some new gadgetry and sustainability elements to bring the luxe level up a notch.

Based on exterior design, it's difficult to tell the 2019 model from the latest one if not placed right beside one another — the 2020 model is just a hair longer to offer passengers more legroom and trunk space. The interior, on the other hand, received a handful of tech and material updates — in fact, a great deal of the inside was “crafted from eucalyptus, wool and recycled plastics.”


Land Rover claims that 53 plastic bottles go into every vehicle upholstered in a textile made from recycled polyester microfibres.

And because one isn't enough, the new Evoque comes with two HD touch screens equipped with Apple CarPlay and 4G Wi-Fi. The rear-view mirror has been digitalised, and the headlights are now LED. Plus, the model sports a wide span of smart and contemporary tech settings including adaptive cruise control with steering assist, all-terrain progress control, heads-up display, and all-over cameras to help drivers be aware of their surroundings at all times. The vehicle is even said to recognize you based on the presence of your phone and key: in response to your approach, the seat, steering wheel, and more will adjust to fit your particular driving habits.

The model can support a variety of powertrains from four-cylinder diesel or petrol engines to a mild-hybrid electric alternative.

The 2020 Range Rover is available for order in the UK starting at £31,600 (RM169,879). More information is scheduled to be revealed about additional market availabilities and pricing in February at the Chicago Auto Show. — AFP-Relaxnews

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