McLaren reveals more about 570LT

McLaren 570LT teaser image. — Picture courtesy of McLaren
McLaren 570LT teaser image. — Picture courtesy of McLaren

LONDON, June 14 — When last week McLaren released an early teaser image of what we assumed was the upcoming 570LT, it showed a car that didn’t have an exhaust pipe of any sort where one would normally expect it.

And now another image has been issued confirming what most observers thought, which is that the exhaust for the 570LT will be of the top-exit variety.

The 570S, which the 570LT is based on, is what passes for an entry-level model in the McLaren range, and this hardcore version’s top-exit exhaust will contribute to an overall package delivering more power, less weight and better aerodynamics than the 570S.

This latest image doesn’t show much other than the exhaust, but we won’t have to wait too long for a full reveal as the company has confirmed that will take place on June 28 at the 2018 Goodwood Festival of Speed in the UK.

The car won’t just be on display though, as it will also be taking part in the famous Hill Climb that’s always a much-anticipated part of the weekend event.

Last week’s initial tease showed the familiar rear of the 570S but with more aggressive tires than the standard variant and styling changes that included side blades for improved aerodynamics as well as that major omission of an exhaust pipe in the expected position.

McLaren has confirmed that the 570LT will be made in strictly limited numbers. That would suggest a similar amount to the earlier 675LT Super Series model where just 500 of the coupe were produced.

Although the headline figure associated with the 570LT will be its 600+ horsepower, like the 675LT, the real focus will be on weight reduction and optimizing the aerodynamic performance of the car.

The 570LT is part of McLaren’s Sport Series, so it won’t have quite the obsessive attention to performance detail as the 675LT, but it won’t come with the same price tag either. The 675LT added more than £65,000 (RM334,805) to the £195,250 (about RM344,805) price of the 650S it was based upon, but the 570LT is still likely to start at around the £200,000 (about US$269,000) mark. ­— AFP-Relaxnews

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