Pininfarina teases new concept

Pininfarina HK GT concept teaser image. — Picture courtesy of Pininfarina
Pininfarina HK GT concept teaser image. — Picture courtesy of Pininfarina

HONG KONG, March 3 — There used to be a time when a motor show wasn't a motor show if it didn't have a least one concept car on show with gull-wing doors, but then things took a turn to the sensible side.

But like most fashion trends that come and go, gull-wing doors are back in style. And Pininfarina is getting in on the act as it's just released a teaser image of a new model with vertical-opening doors ahead of a full reveal at the Geneva Motor Show next week.

The car in question appears to be a 2+2 two-door coupe, and the image the design house has released shows the massive doors fully open in all their splendid glory.

The HK GT concept is a very elongated design, but the upside of that is it could potentially have enough room in the back seats for real humans to fit into. And like everything else on the car, the doors are also pretty long and that could mean reasonably comfortable access to those rear seats.

Beyond what we can see, not too much else is known about the car other than the fact it's an all-electric model from the Chinese company Hybrid Kinetic Group and it's called the HK GT.

Hybrid Kinetic is a Hong Kong-based company that has done a US$68 million (RM267 million) deal with the legendary Italian design house Pininfarina to design its cars. The company already brought us the Pininfarina-designed H600 last year, which is scheduled to go into production by 2020.

The makers claimed that model houses an electric powertrain with an onboard “micro-turbine” generator with a total output of some 800 horsepower.

Although there appear to be some similarities between the design of the H600 and this new HK GT, it's unlikely the new model to be revealed in Geneva will simply be a two-door version of the H600.

It's probably fair to assume a similar powertrain will be planned for the HK GT, although whether this one remains a motor show concept or eventually goes into production remains to be seen. — AFP-Relaxnews

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