Mercedes-Benz presents an all-electric concept, the EQA

EQA concept car by Mercedes-Benz — Picture courtesy of Mercedes-Benz
EQA concept car by Mercedes-Benz — Picture courtesy of Mercedes-Benz

FRANKFURT, Sept 12 — Electric vehicles are in the spotlight at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show, which is only to be expected in the current climate. However, not all manufacturers have been quick at providing hard facts and figures concerning important factors such as range and charging times for their EV concepts. Mercedes-Benz may be a relative latecomer to the all-electric vehicle party, but the German auto giant has revealed a lot more about this all-electric vehicle, the Concept EQ, than just the way it looks.

On the face of things, Mercedes looks to have got everything about as right as it could with the Concept EQA. It’s a fabulous looking compact car that’s right up there with some of the best at the moment in terms of range and charging capabilities.

What’s so exciting about the Mercedes EV is that it’s a new vehicle in every way, and not a jazzed-up version of an existing model with an all-electric powertrain dropped into it. Even the lights take technology to a new level as instead of the ubiquitous LEDs, the Concept EQ utilizes laser fibres with the spiral-shaped light signet underlining the whole electric concept.

The electric drive unit is made up of two electric motors, with a system output that can be increased to more 200 kW due to scalable battery components, while the car’s permanent all-wheel drive is designed to deliver impressive dynamic driving performance.

Perhaps most importantly, and in combination with the intelligent Mercedes-Benz operating strategy, the Concept EQA is said to be capable of achieving a range on a single charge of around 400 kilometres, depending on the battery capacity installed. This sounds as though Mercedes will offer models with lower battery capacities for lower pricing, which is similar to what Tesla did with some versions of the Model S and Model X.

The Concept EQA can be charged via induction or wall box and is also designed to be compatible with rapid charging, although how long it would take to charge has yet to be revealed.

The first production model of the new Mercedes EQ product brand, the EQC, is due to be built at the Mercedes-Benz plant in Bremen, Germany from 2019, and will be based on the Concept EQ first seen in Paris last year. — AFP-Relaxnews

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