Kia ropes in dad joke for Super Bowl ad (VIDEO)

SAN DIEGO, Feb 4 — “It’s like the world’s most exciting pair of socks, but it’s a mid-sized sedan,” quips Christopher Walken.

Hollywood actor Christopher Walken has lent his distinctive style to Kia’s Super Bowl commercial, “Walken Closet.”

He rails against those that love beige socks — and, by the advert’s implication, walk-in wardrobes stufed with identical beige suit jackets — and those that are exciting, have pizazz.

The minute-thirty sequence serves to introduce a wider audience to the Next Generation Kia Optima, which went on sale in 2015. — AFP/Relaxnews

Legendary actor Christopher Walken. — AFP pic
Legendary actor Christopher Walken. — AFP pic