RMCO takeaway: Savour lovely treats from KL's Entier at home

Entier's kombu butter is simply addictive especially when paired with their soft corn bread — Pictures by Lee Khang Yi

KUALA LUMPUR, July 20 — The Covid-19 pandemic hit restaurants hard and many have had to rethink their business model. Entier is one of those.

The modern French restaurant offered set meals to enjoy at home and home cooking kits for enthusiastic cooks.

But they hit the jackpot by offering the gourmet fare they served at their restaurant like their kombu butter.


At the restaurant, the butter is served with their corn bread just before your meal starts. It may look like ordinary bread and butter but once you try it, you will end up finishing that small plate of butter and crave for more.

Made in-house, the butter laced with truffle oil has an umami kick from the salted kombu that makes it incredibly addictive.

Maybe that is why they sold 2,222 bottles from March to May, a fact they revealed when they ran a contest to guess how many were sold.

You can happily eat as much of their kombu butter at home as they offer three 80 grams bottles for RM54.

The strawberry & lavender jam is softly set with a delicate fragrance of lavender and sweet tasting Chitose strawberries

We're not sure how long they will last you as once you start, chances are you can finish up a whole bottle by yourself. As it is preservative free, the butter is best consumed within a month from production date. Pair it with their corn bread just like at the restaurant for RM10.

Entier has also added two new products like their strawberry and lavender jam and burnt Basque cheesecake.

Their burnt Basque cheesecake makes a small treat for dessert or teatime

The soft set jam made with Chitose Ichigo strawberries is beautiful. Unlike the variants grown locally, they have a sweet taste similar to nectar. The Japanese variety is grown by Chitose Agricultural Initiative who has been supplying many Singapore restaurants including the likes of Saint Pierre since 2016.

Entier's jam is made more sublime with just a touch of lavender that rounds up the sweetness in every spoonful. Relish the jam with the best bread or dollop it on scones and cream for the perfect afternoon tea. You can get two bottles of the jam for RM46.

Unveil a well caramelised top and creamy cheesecake after peeling off the baking paper

During the movement control order (MCO), the burnt Basque cheesecake was trending as every home baker and even cafes offered their own version of it.

Entier's cheesecake (RM38 per piece) makes a lovely gift to those who love the creamy, rich cheesecake. I was especially drawn to the minimalist design of the packaging — just two cardboard discs on top of the baking paper encased cheesecake — surrounded by a round cardboard and secured with brown hemp string.

The cheesecake is creamy decadence with a soft centre

The single portion cheesecake measures about four inches in diameter with one inch thickness. If you prefer it soft in the centre, eat it at room temperature. For a slightly firmer texture, just store in the refrigerator and eat it cold.

Ordering the items online is easy at the website. You need to indicate the date and time to pick up the items as Botanica which is downstairs will arrange for that. If you prefer, you can arrange for a service to pick up your items at your own cost. 

You can view the full range of Take Home Entier on their website https://takehome.entierfrenchdining.com.

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