Aidil Rusli

Aidil Rusli

Aidil Rusli loves rock 'n' roll, still believes in the words "indie" and "underground", and after all these years still sings in his band Couple You can get in touch with Aidil by emailing: [email protected]

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    Two new movies now playing in Malaysian cinemas

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    Two animated movies now playing in Malaysian cinemas

    MARCH 13 ― The last film I saw in the cinema was Wonder Woman 1984, and that was way back in the middle of December, 2020. As cautious as some people may be about going back to...

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    Two swooning indie romances worth checking out

    FEBRUARY 27 ― Since the dawn of filmmaking, romance has always been and still is an essential ingredient in all sorts of genres, from melodrama to comedy and even horror. Even...

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    Teen rom-coms for your post-Valentine feels

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    ‘Tis the season for some hostage horror flicks

    FEBRUARY 13 ― One of the more popular sub-genres in horror cinema is what I often call hostage horror, which usually consists of two variations. Of course, there are plenty of...

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    ‘Psycho Goreman’ — a nostalgic, hilarious, warm and cheesy delight

    FEBRUARY 6 — If I had to choose only one movie from the long list of new releases in the whole month of January 2021 to watch, I would choose Psycho...

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    Anthony Mackie double feature with ‘Synchronic’ and ‘Outside The Wire’

    JANUARY 23 — If you’re a casual movie fan, I’m sure you’d at least be familiar with Anthony Mackie’s face, if not his name.  He’s undoubtedly most popular as...

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    Checking out three Oscar hopefuls from Netflix

    JANUARY 16 ― Even after the strange year that was 2020, it looks like 2021 is already cooking up its own version of strangeness, with what happened at the Capitol and how Donald...

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    ‘Soul’ and ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ — two major films in local cinemas right now

    JANUARY 9 — There are films that do just fine being viewed in the comforts of your own home, whether through streaming, downloads or physical copies of the films.  With...

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    My favourite Blu-ray releases of 2020

    JANUARY 2 ― Like the last few years, even long after physical media has been pronounced “dead” in certain quarters due to the prevalence of streaming, if you’re a certain...

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    My 10 favourite genre films of 2020

    DECEMBER 26 ― 2020 is the year that movie theatres were shut for almost three quarters of the year because of Covid-19, which understandably affected Hollywood blockbusters the...

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    My 10 favourite films of 2020

    DECEMBER 19 ― With 2020 being the year where a lot of things have been put on hold courtesy of the Covid-19 pandemic, something as communal as movie-going, especially the whole...

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    My favourite albums of 2020

    DECEMBER 12 ― I think it’s safe to say that for quite a number of us, especially those involved in the music scene, 2020 will be remembered as the year most of us were forced...