Aidil Rusli

Aidil Rusli

Aidil Rusli loves rock 'n' roll, still believes in the words "indie" and "underground", and after all these years still sings in his band Couple You can get in touch with Aidil by emailing: [email protected]

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    SEPTEMBER 21 ― I'm not sure if many people have noticed, but there's a been a huge drop in the number of Malaysian films released this year compared to the very prolific nature...

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    The closing of Speedy Video in Mid Valley and what it means for Malaysian cinema

    SEPTEMBER 13 — This week has seen a lot of posts on social media about the Speedy Video branch in Mid Valley closing this Sunday, September 15, which I guess could realistically...

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    Three films you should catch in Malaysian cinemas this week

    SEPTEMBER 7 — Despite this being nowhere near the peak of summer movie season, this has to be one of the most bountiful weeks of the year when it comes to movie choices...

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    ‘Ready Or Not’ — a wickedly fun horror flick you shouldn’t miss

    AUGUST 31 — I get excited whenever an indie horror flick (or a studio horror flick with indie horror pedigree) opens in Malaysian cinemas.  Normally the kind of pleasures...

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    Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

    AUGUST 24 — For most people who started to watch films seriously in the 90s, the name Quentin Tarantino holds as much power and influence as Kurt Cobain’s name did for serious...

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    'Parasite' and 'Shoplifters': Two years, two Palmes and two families

    AUGUST 17 ― When it comes to the Cannes Film Festival, I usually don't pay too much attention to the eventual Palme d'Or winners every year, because like the Oscars, consensus...

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    ‘Late Night’ and ‘Dying To Survive’: Using the comfortably familiar to tell timely tales

    AUGUST 10 — This past week has more or less been all about Hobbs & Shaw, a spinoff of the Fast and Furious franchise, in Malaysian cinemas and presumably all...

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    ‘Ma’, ‘Anna’ and ‘Rocketman’: To see or not to see?

    AUGUST 3 — As the summer movie season starts to wind down, the choices of movies opening in Malaysian cinemas have become a bit more interesting. The past week is case in point,...

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    Three new genre movies to check out

    JULY 27 — As a big fan and champion of the indie horror scene, I'm always on the lookout for interesting new films to check out, either based on the track record of the...

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    'Crawl' and a few other horror movies for gorehounds out there

    JULY 20 ― As Spider-Man: Far From Home continues its impressive assault on the global box-office, and with the next Hollywood tentpole being The Lion King “live” action...

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    Three big summer movies in Malaysian cinemas right now

    JULY 13 -- With the summer movie season in full swing now that we’re already in the middle of July, the big movies have been coming in thick and fast. One downside to this is...

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    Three new comedies to welcome the summer

    JUNE 29 — The time when the summer movie season included blockbuster comedies and rom-coms is probably long gone, with Hollywood almost fully concentrating on guaranteed...

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    'Toy Story 4': Deeper and more emotionally satisfying than expected

    JUNE 22 ― When it comes to sequels, especially those made by big Hollywood studios, the general rule is and will always be that more often than not, the law of diminishing...

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    Three SE Asian films you can watch on Netflix now

    JUNE 15 — The Netflix debate among those involved in the film industry will perhaps only end with either the demise of Netflix itself, or the theatrical distribution model...

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    What to watch in cinemas this week?

    JUNE 8 ― It's the school and Raya holidays this week, so I'm pretty sure a lot of us are looking forward to a cinema outing with our family, friends and loved ones. Looking at...