Aidil Rusli

Aidil Rusli

Aidil Rusli loves rock 'n' roll, still believes in the words "indie" and "underground", and after all these years still sings in his band Couple You can get in touch with Aidil by emailing: [email protected]

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    The road to the Oscars begins with ‘First Man’ and ‘A Star Is Born’

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    'Langsuir', 'Sebelum Iblis Menjemput', 'Paskal' and a potential awakening?

    SEPTEMBER 29 ― What is up with 2018? First, we got to witness the unlikely events of May 9 when an unlikely victory saw Pakatan Harapan end Barisan Nasional's 61-year reign as...

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    New killer Bs for you to check out

    SEPTEMBER 22 — Just a few hours before I wrote this, I read with much excitement about the announcement, launch and manifesto of a new Malaysian film production company calling...

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    'Munafik 2', 'One Two Jaga' or 'Rise: Ini Kalilah'?

    SEPTEMBER 15 ― After quite a depressing box-office slump in the last few years, August and September this year has seen the sort of recovery that can only be described with one...

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    Examining the impact of ‘Hantu Kak Limah’ and ‘Pulang’

    AUGUST 18 — Outside of Dukun (which reportedly made RM10 million at the local box-office) and KL Special Force (RM12.2 million), 2018 has been another slow...

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    Four films now playing in Malaysian cinemas near you

    AUGUST 11 — The arrival of August marks the beginning of the end of the summer movie season. Almost gone are the Hollywood tentpoles hoping to pick your pockets, and what we...

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    Apocalypse now and always

    JULY 28 — People often call Hollywood, and of course movies in general by association, the dream factory. It’s where people go after a hard day to forget the real world and...

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    The state of rom-coms today

    JULY 14 — Romantic comedies (or rom-coms as people often call them) used to be really big business. In the 1930s and early 1940s they came in the form of screwball comedies —...

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    Another three movies to see in Malaysian cinemas this week

    JULY 7 — The arrival of the month of July also means that the summer movie season will be in full swing now, even more so than the already pretty happening months of June and...

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    Three movies to see in Malaysian cinemas this week

    JUNE 30 — It’s been a long time since I last felt spoiled for choice in Malaysian cinemas. It may have even been two or three years since I last found it really hard to catch...

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    Two films give the superhero origin story a fresh twist

    JUNE 23 — Superhero movies may be ubiquitous now, but even after so many of them bombarding our consciousness, especially in the last decade, we still can’t seem to get enough...

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    The coming out of the mainstream coming of age teen movie

    JUNE 16 ― Like any other genre, the coming of age film also has a lot of variations... even sub-genres. Some come in the form of a serious drama, some go all out in the...

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    Two new Tarantino-esque films to check out

    JUNE 9 ― As loved and influential as Quentin Tarantino was and still is, the biggest downside to being that successful is the inevitable amount of bandwagon jumping and copycats...

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    Revenge, sometimes best served hot as well

    JUNE 2 ― As a matter of personal taste, the underdog wins every time. So in terms of cinema, a great trashy film is often something I find myself loving more than a great classy...