Aidil Rusli

Aidil Rusli

Aidil Rusli loves rock 'n' roll, still believes in the words "indie" and "underground", and after all these years still sings in his band Couple You can get in touch with Aidil by emailing: [email protected]

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    When US indie movies flirt with horror

    OCTOBER 24 — Back in the late 80s and early 90s, when names like Spike Lee, Steven Soderbergh, Whit Stillman, Richard Linklater, Todd Solondz, Gregg Araki, Hal Hartley and...

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    Cure your CMCO blues with some brainless low-budget action movie fun

    OCTOBER 17 ― The return of the conditional movement control order (CMCO) has made quite a few of us feel a bit down especially when considering that the initial two-week period...

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    Three genre movies to stream or watch in Malaysian cinemas

    OCTOBER 10 — Even before we entered the post-lockdown era of watching movies in the cinema, it was quite apparent that there’s never a shortage of horror films being made and...

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    Three movies currently in Malaysian cinemas that are worth your time

    OCTOBER 3 ― With the Covid-19 pandemic still not showing signs of slowing down ― in fact numbers are even expected to spike drastically in some countries in the next few...

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    Two highly enjoyable 'bad movies' for the more adventurous film fan

    SEPTEMBER 19 ― Watching and enjoying “bad movies” has been a favourite pastime of mine since I was 16 or 17. I can't really remember how or when it started, or even which...

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    Three films to catch (or miss) in Malaysian cinemas now

    SEPTEMBER 12 ― The arrival of Tenet in Malaysian cinemas two weeks ago seemed to have brought back some of the energy and excitement that’s been missing ever since local...

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    Playing with time with 'Tenet'

    AUGUST 29 — Five months is a pretty long time to finally feel excited about going to the movies again.  Yes, the cinemas may have reopened in July but this week is the...

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    Three excellent genre films ripe for discovery

    AUGUST 22 ― Next week should be a fun one at the local cinemas as the eagerly anticipated new Christopher Nolan film Tenet and a surprise sequel Bill & Ted Face The Music...

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    Two obscure genre nuggets you might want to check out

    AUGUST 15 — With Covid-19 disrupting all manner of businesses and modes of doing business, making 2020 a headache for bosses and businesses everywhere, it’s a given that the...

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    Two horror gems in Malaysian cinemas worth discovering

    AUGUST 8 ― More and more new movies are opening in Malaysian cinemas right now, but the line-up is still very much a horror-centric one as major Hollywood movies are still...

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    Four must-see new streaming gems

    JULY 26 — With major new movies still not arriving in Malaysian cinemas — thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic that hasn't shown signs of slowing down in most countries — it is...

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    Back to the cinema

    JULY 18 ― Now that cinemas are allowed to operate again, I’m sure there are many of us out there just itching to finally be able to watch a movie on the big screen after...

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    'Rad', 'BMX Bandits' and childhood nostalgia

    JULY 11 ― Growing up in the 80s means that there are at least two things that will immediately summon that warm nostalgic feeling in us ― the mention of BMX bikes and memories...

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    Relatively obscure horror flicks to satisfy your curiosity

    MAY 30 — One of the great things about having extra time at home during quarantine is how it converts even the most casual of movie fans into curious movie hunters.  After...